In Tribute to  the late ALFRED DREW - Cornish Painter

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Early Morning, Mounts Bay

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Cornish Glow/Atlantic Breakers/Albatros off Cape Horn

cuttysarknearingcapehorn.jpg (14143 bytes)    deepwater.jpg (17132 bytes)    kenidjackvalley.jpg (20831 bytes)

Cutty Sark nearing Cape Horn/Deep Water/Kenidjeck Valley

progorocklandsend.jpg (22196 bytes)       thebountyarrivingatpitcairn.jpg (13865 bytes)       steppingstoneslamorna.jpg (52323 bytes)

Progo Rock, Lands End/The Bounty arriving at Pitcairn/Stepping Stones, Lamorna

treencliffsnearlandsend.jpg (10766 bytes)

Treen Cliffs, Nr Lands End

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Sail and Steam/Lands End Cliffs/Crows Nest

stmm.jpg (10628 bytes)

St Michaels Mount

Alfred Drew   - A Cornish Painter, Passed away 2002

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In his own words:

"I think my love of the sea began as a boy when I spent many hours at the harbour-side watching all types of shipping coming and going in and out of Mounts Bay. I decided then that I wanted to go to sea at some time in the future. I volunteered to join the Royal Navy during the second world war, but owing to circumstances found myself serving with the Paras in the far east for five years.

Having returned to Civvy Street in 1947 I found that I couldn't settle down, so I joined the Merchant Navy fulfilling my boyhood dreams tramping around the world on oil tankers. Over a period of fifteen years or so I sailed the seven seas and saw many countries, the sea gradually seeped into my blood and I realise now that it was providing me with the material I would need for future paintings.

I finally gave up going to sea in the 1960's and managed to quell my wanderlust by painting my sea memories on canvas. I eventually painted Landscapes as well as Maritime scenes and taught art to local students for many years."