(max size 40cm/16 inches) info

note: these are priced for separates in qty of 10 - if you are ordering custom picture mounts from our custom mounts page, it is often more economical to click the "with backing" option. For custom mounts with backs click here

shown below:  left:  Budget (mount-board blanks),  centre: Standard, right: Self Adhesive

NEW: Back 1, highly popular low cost/light weight alternative to Standard heavy art-bak

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BACK 1 suitable as backs for mounts up to 20x16 inches or 50x40cm. Brown, fluted with smooth surface. approx 1.5mm thick. Thin enough to use as a liner, sturdy enough to act as a frame back. Low cost, light weight, professional appearance on a mount or as a frame backing. Favourite with re-sellers for many reasons, also due to its light weight for posting compared to budget mount-board backs.

BUDGET BACKING White one side, suitable as backing for smaller mounts up to 12x16 or 30x40cm, suitable as liner for larger mounts. Neutral Ph mount board 1.2mm thick, (standard board) suitable for backing on smaller mounts or used as  liner boards -  white one side, colour(s) other side may vary and be mixed, all boards are white one side. Exactly what it says, a budget mount board with an acid-free face paper that you can use to cover the back of mounted pictures in or out of a frame.

STANDARD BACKING (Art Bak)  Brown, suitable backing for all sizes of mounts or frames. Regular frame backing board (Art Bak, may be Corricor or a similar brand) suitable as a quality mount backing or a  finished frame backing. Brown. As used by the framing industry as an outer backing board for quality frames instead of old-fashioned MDF.

SELF ADHESIVE BOARD The Photographers favourite! Peel-off its backing paper and smooth your picture or photo onto the self adhesive surface. Simple and effective instant DIY "dry mounting". If it is ordered the same size as your mounts, this also serves as the backing board when self-stuck to the back of the mount. White finished. Permanent fix and very high tack/instant grab. Practice piece included with your order. Once it is stuck, it is there for good, so not for use with valuable items or photos you can't replace!

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These boards are intended as an additional service to our picture mounts buyers,  if you wish to buy them without mounts you are still most welcome, but please note the maximum size is now 16 inches (just over 40cm)

So if you are ordering larger size custom mounts and require backs, simply tick the box in the custom mounts order page. where it is often more economical to click the "with backing" option