Mounts, mount board, glass etc. Moulding in part lengths sold by the piece!  from 60cm to 1.8m. For DIY Framers.

For DIY framers we've got various frame mouldings, oddments and end of batches in smaller lengths in a corner of the shop, from 60cm (2ft) to 1.8m (6ft). Always changing, pot luck/pick your own, what you see today is what we've got today!

(Note we do not sell full lengths or packs of frame mouldings. These are all surplus from our workshop production, as used for our own ready made frames, we don't often have time to use up all the spare moulding lengths, so snap up a bargain)

Full and Half sheet Mount Boards to cut your own mounts (or use our custom mount cutting service) and bargain bundles of smaller board off-cut packs useful for small mounts, backing boards etc.

We can also cut glass, acrylic and mirror to size (and fit if required). It is best to bring your frame in rather than just measurements for a proper fit.



Free parking (car parks opposite) every day after 4pm

25% off DIY self fit complete custom made frames.

We make the custom frames for you, including mounts glass, fittings etc, you simply fit your own artwork.

If you just want glass or mounts for your own frames we can supply those too, in standard or custom sizes.

Fittings and sundries available. (D rings, screws, cord, fittings, Z-Clips etc)

  • Full and Half sheets of Mount Board.
  • Part sheet off-cuts
  • Bundles
  • Backing boards
  • Mount cutting service
  • Glass & Acrylic cut to size



Moulding pieces - pick your own. 2ft/60cm to 7ft (1.8m). Stock is  always changing. Ends of batches, remainders and oddments.

Bargain price moulding pieces, great for making smaller frames.

We also have lots of ready made frames, bargains and P/X to clear.

Mount Board Acid Free, stock colours for D.I.Y

  • Full Sheet 6.50
  • Half Sheet 3.75

Acid Free/conservation, 1400 micron (1.4mm), full board size is approx 44x32" / 1115mmx815mm.

Mount cutting service

Picture mounts, with or without backing boards, from one offs to bulk trade quantities.  Choose backing board liners in acid free mount board, neutral ph mount board, or brown back-1 board. Terms payment with order.

Frame moulding oddments - all one price 1 per ft (30cm) or less.

  • 60cm/2ft 2
  • 90cm/3ft 3
  • 1.2m/4ft 5
  • 1.5m/5ft 6
  • 1.8m/6ft 7

Glass and Glazing service

Bring your frames in, we can cut glass to fit.  We stock mm picture float and 2mm anti reflective glass, styrene, acrylic. We'll get any size of speciality glass from UV blocking to full museum quality, and computer cut glass in small to bulk quantities from our glass suppliers.

Please note we are *not* a framing supplies wholesaler!