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frame and mount sets for pictures, memorabilia, records etc

Frames to fit standard or metric sized mounts from our online mounts shop - no minimum order  - order online or by phone, custom made or standard sizes

 Frames all supplied with picture quality styrene/acrylic glazing as standard

"Moonshine, where precision meets tradition"  - Fine Art Trade Guild framing and, computer controlled mount cutting, the latest materials and techniques. -we can frame it!

Using the latest in framing materials, from the leading UK manufacturers and distributors, we can dispatch these value for money frames to most of the UK mainland for you for one sensible flat rate p&p. Custom made and ready in  a few days, or ready made up for immediate delivery*  We have been framing for almost fifteen years. No daft prices, no silly terms and conditions. we treat our online customers exactly the same as our shop customers. Pay online by PayPalŽ with full buyer protection, by credit card or debit card, or send a cheque. Straightforward orders and any Orders already confirmed by email can also be paid for over the telephone.

OUR BEST SELLERS -STANDARD SIZES - frames In Metric and Inches sizes

CUSTOM SIZES and Made to measure frames any size  click here

"A Range" best prices- classic style.

10x8 inches 4.99    12x10 inches  5.99    16x12 inches  9.99

25x20cm 4.99     30x25cm 5.99     40x30cm 9.99

Classic Gold

Old gold effect

PolCore synthetic moulding wider style 36mm wide

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Full info on all frames on the order/prices page


Cushion profile, finished in black.

Wood moulding

full 30mm wide

(also available in solid ash)

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Custom made sizes here

Classic Brown with Gold Sight Edge.

wider style 36mm

PolCore synthetic moulding, dark wood effect finish and bright gold sight line.

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Classic silver

Old Silver effect

PolCore synthetic moulding. wider style 36mm wide

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Cushion Ash

Solid Ash timber - similar to the black moulding above

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Mahogany Finish

Wood moulding dark finish approx 2cm

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Teak Finish

Wood moulding teak finish  approx 2cm

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Teak with gold sight edge

wood moulding  approx 2cm

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NEW PolCore-6  Range - heavier chunky look- great prices

10x8 inches 8.99    12x10 inches  9.99    16x12 inches  15.99

25x20cm 8.99     30x25cm 9.99     40x30cm 15.99

standard size frames or custom made for the same price


main frame in picture is polcore 06 brushed gold shown with a 12x10 inch mount (25x20cm) to illustrate the great effect*

inside frame from top: polcore old wood, polcore limed, polcore brushed silver, polcore brushed gold

(Click photo to enlarge view)

*eg. outside size of a 12x10 is approx 15x13 inches

Polcore Brushed Gold effect- 40mm

deep and chunky look -a very sturdy frame

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Polcore Brushed Silver effect -40mm

deep and chunky look - makes a very strong frame and looks great

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Polcore Old Wood effect - 40mm

Flatter profile, looks like antique timber. excellent on old prints, maps etc. Timeless.

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Polcore Old White -limed wood effect 30mm

flatter profile - looks like limed old timber. Popular choice in old or modern settings.

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PolCoreŽ is a synthetic frame moulding material long established as aproven alternative to timber. Advantages are a consistent regular finish, no knots or blemishes, lighter weight and excellent durability and finish. It is also understood to be free of the acids found in many woods which can damage your artwork. We order in bulk and keep in stock for custom framing or standard size frames
You can also order any of these in standard or custom sizes by telephone here
Custom sizes made to measure- if your required size, just pay the same as the nearest next standard size

also available to order by phone

all the required fittings, screws and cord are supplied with each frame

*FAQ- how long do they take? allow 7 working days before dispatch , although these are stock items so you can often receive them sooner

These frames are all usually available ready made in our shop in various handy sizes