Get a  price for custom-made frames in four easy steps...

Height and width measurements are the size we make the inside of the frame to fit, so just enter the size of the picture to be framed, or the exact size you want the frame to fit, and the style of frame you want. Or leave sizes blank for sample piece (charge 1)  see bottom of page for more information.






Case Frames

for medals etc

For displaying your  shirts, medals, 3d etc. If our standard size custom sports shirt frames and medal cases wont do the job we can make them in custom sizes at similar prices

Case Frames and Medal cases available in standard sizes here

About our Custom framing


 Please enter number only, default measurement is cm. leave sizes blank if ordering sample piece(s) calculates frames up to 1 metre x 1 metre - the largest we can send.
Cm (default)


Glazed  with styrene acrylic safe glazing (includes Backing board)
Not Glazed (no backing - ideal for canvases, panels etc)

NOTE cases under 20x20cm are glazed with GLASS



if you have any special requirements not covered by the form, you can email us after you have ordered

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Framing Suitability chart

  Value Classic premium executive case
generally suitable for
smaller frames & photo frames, pictures prints, certificates etc yes yes yes yes yes
medium frames (up to 16x12 inches/40x30cm) photos pictures prints yes yes yes yes yes
Larger Frames  photos, pictures (up to 50x40cm/16x20 inches) no yes yes yes yes
thicker 3d objects/shirts/decoupage/medals etc no no no no yes
canvasses (if using scroll clips *see below  to hold backing) Unglazed no yes yes yes yes
canvasses if using scroll clips to hold back  Glazed no no yes yes yes
paint panels (using flexitabs) Unglazed yes yes yes yes yes
paint panels using scroll clips Glazed no yes yes yes yes
Please note the above are GUIDELINES - you are welcome to order any sample pieces to check for yourself against the item(s) you want framed - to order samples simply leave the custom frame order form sizes blank, and we will cut and send a small sample piece of any frame moulding for a 1 cutting and handling charge.

as a rule the value range of frames, being made of polymer resin are not suitable for very large or very long frames as they are not as rigid as the equivalent timber items.