MG2 photo gallery redistribution



the most versatile, stable and easiest to install and use? you decide - small file size download, simple to install.

 Upload to your web space, set password and off you go, it installs itself! 

Upload pictures from your web browser, several themes/skins included, no database reguired!  Fully featured.


Terms of use:
Modded under GPL licence. see original author site.

Any web space with PHP. 99.9 percent of servers will support this software if they support PHP.

If you are not sure, the easiest way is to try it and see.



if you have not unzipped/extracted this folder do it now.

How to unzip/extract:
in windowsXP/Vista- two ways. either right click on zip folder and click "extract", or simply open the folder itself and copy the entire contents to a new folder.

Easy Install:

1. Upload entire unzipped folder to your web space.

2. Using your browser (eg, internet explorer) go to http://www.<your web address>/mg/

3. follow the 3 step instructions (installation wizard will ask you for your admin email. to set an admin password etc)

Done! You now have a gallery on your web site.
all uploads can be done from the admin panel installed with the programme.



you'll find your gallery at www.<your web address>/mg

Its the very best gallery software we have found which is so easy to install, secure, and easy to use. MG gallery has 1,000s of users but is no longer developed or supported. This is the FINAL version. Please see the copyright notes in the realease, under the GPL license you may not remove authors copyright notices.

Spread the word - you can redistribute this software providing it remains free of charge in accordance with the GPL license.