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MOONSHINE FRAMING for Picture Mounts

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 Paint, Draw, Create!

If you have ever thought about learning to paint or draw, for fun, for relaxation, or to sell, here are some interesting FREE articles and tips. The second section tutorials are entirely YouTube video presentations recommended to us. they are FREE they are FUN they are INFORMATIVE.

Recommended Links to art tutorials and free resources

Oil Painting for Beginners- FREE WEBSITE TUTORIAL

Arty articles - Nitas Art Blog -huge amount of info.     Human figure drawing & painting     Elements & principles of art

Top Rated Video Tutorials

Computer Art

 How to paint the Mona Lisa using microsoft paint!  Amazing - you must see this!

Painting Tutorials

How to paint with Acrylics - Bob Davies

Rob Steinke Acrylic painting workshop A  B  C  D  E  F  G

A painting lesson from lake como, italy

High Energy Time Lapse Oil Painting - Quality Fine Art techniqes

Time lapse very large oil painting

Oil Painting Lesson  J Kolber   Misty Morning

Oil Painting Lesson with J Kolber - Snow

Oil Painting - Magic Brush Art - Whales Swimming Free

Oil Painting Techniques

Oil painting lesson: Mountain and foothill reflections

Oil painting lesson : How to make the ocean move - Seascape

6  Jimmy3D oil painting lessons    1   2    3    4    5   6


Painting a landscape with Dry pastel


Watercololour Painting with Frank Clarke - (Frank Clarke from the TV series Simply Painting)

Ten Minute Watercolour - Sky and Sea