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Moonshine Framing, 1 High Street Penzance  - Tel:  Penzance (01736) 330887   shop counter is 10 to 5 mon to fri

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"Cornwall" frames range

Good choice of new special frame styles in any size with a choice of finish - frames in all price ranges!

Frame styles at the shop counter - we have almost 1,000 of the best you can view online here!

Custom Made Frames

Framing in three easy steps: Bring in your picture - choose a frame (plenty of advice and help if you need it) - Leave the rest to us!

There is a big difference between buying a frame, and having something framed! If we frame your picture or photo or artwork, we will always use suitable materials. In almost all frames it is very important to avoid acidity - think of the frame as an "acid free zone". Old fashioned backing materials have their place, but the majority of our work is now finished with the latest materials and with up-to-date know how. (hardboard and MDF are old hat if you want to preserve your art these days!)  We only offer fully acid free or conservation mounts and materials in framing orders we take over the shop counter. The Art-Bak backing boards we use are acid free,  so our frames preserve your pictures, photos or artwork, as well as presenting them to their best.  Its a no-brainer really.  For strenghth and shipping all our online frames are supplied with rigid MDF backing. We recommend an acid free liner (backing) with mounts to protect your artwork. These are standard with our custom framing in the shop, optional with online framing.

How much does a frame cost? For an average straightforward frame its surprisingly reasonable, specially when you consider the work and time that goes into your frame, and the machinery and expertise involved in doing the job properly.

You can own a unique bespoke item, made specially.  If budget is an issue we can always find alternatives, or you can choose from our ready made frames.

High-tech Framing equipment

Our first Wizard CMC (Computerized mount cutter) was ordered in 2005 and it was the first in Cornwall, and one of only a handful in the UK and Europe. One day every quality picture framer will be using one of these...  we also offer a mount cutting service, so if you just need a mount that's no problem.  We stock Arquadia and Colourmount boards.

Usually it all goes to plan........

We have been framing in Penzance since 1994. Starting at Trereife Park, then from a unit in the old Bateman's market, our first shop opened in 1994 was at 19 Causewayhead, we then spent a year on Market Jew Street (opposite the Wharfside shopping centre) before moving up to our present location at1 High Street in 2002. All about us with pictures

Do you need something framing, or do you simply want to buy a frame?.  We sell frames in many standard sizes, into which you can easily fit your own artwork, photo, certificate etc. Our main work is the bespoke framing service. 

We make it easy for you -If you have never had a picture framed, it can be a bit daunting walking into some framers shops. There is a bewildering array of choices and you don't know where to start, and then  its hard to guess what the price will be until your picture has been measured up. So its always best to bring your artwork with you!  We'll give you a price there and then. All our pricing is controlled by Estlite software and not  the TSAR system*

*That Seems About Right" 



"Timberland" range

Choice of glazing

Picture glass, styrene, reflection-control, UV blocking, and super-clear low-iron Waterwhite Glass



Always plenty in stock - standard sizes. Custom sizes cut for you - square, oval, cut-art etc

Bundles of board!

For crafts etc - 99p, 1.50, 2.99 etc!

Paint-yourself obeche-wood frames in a range of styles and prices - made in any size you need

We are Partners in the LIFE System Mark    L.I.F.E. is the international group of Local Independent Framing Experts. To read more about LIFEsm see here  we are also members of the UK Framers Forum and JGF.

We have the latest computer controlled mount cutting equipment, and framing equipment from the UK, Italy, Denmark and the US, and highly skilled and experienced framers.

Our Point of Sale computerised pricing system, BBest, gives you the best value or choice, and an instant quote. 

Everything is done in-house. Our workshop isn't hidden away.

We can always cut mounts for your own frames or bring in your ready made frames or measurements for any frames bought from us or elsewhere. Just bring us the frame and we can also fit your artwork and new mount for a small charge. 

Need Glass? We can usually cut you a piece of picture glass, styrene acrylic or mirror glass while you wait. (we do not cut "window" glass, but recommend Rays Glass oat Longrock for all your window glass requirements)

We can also re-glaze or repair most frames.  Let us have a look, we'll tell you if we can help with no obligation - no charge for looking!

Whatever your framing needs, do call in and see us. We can usually help. No hard sell, and advice is free. There is always a framer on hand for specialist advice. 

We are contributors to the Framers Oracle (Framers Knowledge Base). This is the reference point, and information base for over 1000 UK and European framers at all levels.

All frames made for you are fitted with a liner and dust seals, and come complete with fittings and cord or wire and are ready to hang. We will even advise on the best type of picture hook, and supply them if you ask! 

How long to make you frame? We are usually around 7-10 working days, but if you are in a hurry, let us know and we'll probably be able to help. Turnaround time goes up  when we are busy and down when we are quieter, and we also have an internet framing and mount cutting side which is over half of our total business.



"Athena" frames range

Solid Oak and Ash

We make Pine, Obeche, Beech, Tulipwood (poplar), Lime, Ash and Oak picture frames as well as our own range of African Obeche "driftwood".

We are currently selling off some long overdue uncollected orders and oddment frames - if you don't see what you want in the shop just ask, we have a mountain of frames out the back! uncollected orders policy

Ask us about conservation glass!

Are your energy saving CFL lamps damaging your artwork?

This high-grade picture glass is manufactured using a coating process which applies a UV blocking agent to the glass. This coating blocks 99% of the most damaging ultra-violet rays.  When not blocked, these rays can fade and deteriorate all types of works of art on paper -from priceless originals to limited edition prints to photographs. We also offer a line of standard glass, anti-reflective glass, Reflection-Free and Museum Glass which also has the Conservation Series UV-blocking coating. The optically coated glass products are the state-of-the-art in picture framing technology. You can see examples of True-Vue glass, Regular glass, non reflective glass and styrene acrylic glazing in the shop.


Frame bargains - ready made in standard sizes

Bargain Frames - we always have a lot of Ready-Made-Frames to clear. We make these up from ends of batches etc when we have the time - great if you want a quality frame on a budget! Easy to fit your own pictures or photos, or we can fit for you.