Large Name Photo Frames

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  Letter Size 95mm (for 4 inches pics) Frame Choices  


Name Photo Frame Prices:   Standard size 75mm letters, 10cm high mount in your choice of colour and frame. Complete with safe styrene glazing (clearer than regular glass!). Ready to put your photos behind the letters

TIP!  Use the add to list button to compare different frame prices and options - just add items to the cart list, delete any you don't want any time.


  • For Multi Rows (eg two lines, three lines or more, simply type a slash / between words to denote a new line (row)   NOTE! As we can fit a certain maximum of characters per line, we will automatically multi-line if lines or words exceed 8 to 12 letters
  • Prices are calculated on size of the frame based on letters and spaces. The more letters/spaces/rows the larger the frame. Leave the working out to us!
  • Click on the show-price button when you have made your selections.
  • Custom cut names on our wizard CMC computerized mount cutter and individually made frames. Please allow 1-10 days but get in touch if it is urgent, we always try to help

Symbols or extra windows : Popular symbols include diamond window, oval window, heart, star, square window.

 For Symbols type a star * then contact us after you checkout to let us know which symbols or windows you want

We also have hand prints, footprints, palm tree etc. You can view most of our cut art here Please note the simple outline shapes in the library are best for name mounts. We are always happy to help if you ask!

To order Symbols: Just type a star (asterisk) * for each symbol. Type this into the line where you want it to appear in the cut mount ( for example a heart at either end of a name, you would ask for  *NAME*   or for "I (Heart) YOU"  just ask for  I*You then when you completed checkout you let us know which symbols.

We can also curve/arch the lettering on request. 

If it is easier you can phone your order - contact us here