About this site- just photos and some movies Ive taken and gathered up from the 2006 lejogle charity motorcycle run from Lands End to John O Groats and back...  If you've got any photos to share or dont have any webspace to post them and want them on here, please email me Pictureframer @  Mike is also looking for all your pics for the lejogle website!



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part 1 The start   good quality. sound: Bates Motel approx 40 mins part 2 loch ness - lower quality/rain.  sound: Bagas Degol approx 25 mins part 3 to Fort William-  low quality/rain. sound: The Clash approx 10 mins
Lejogle Part 1 movie  (388mb divx ) Lejogle Part 2 movie (238 mb DivX) Lejogle Part 3 movie (105mb DivX)

The bullet cam did fail, but was fixed with toothpaste, skill and determination, and some cussing, so some of the footage is a bit iffy in the last two, but I hope the movies provide a bit of a memory jogger if you were on the trip.  And the music is optional.  These are just rips straight from the camera without editing etc, feel free to use them as you will (oo-er).

Other video clips in WMV (windows media player format)

Lifesaver clip 738k 10 second WMV clip, no sound.  Shows what nearly happens when you forget a head check. Suppose thats why they call them lifesavers...captured on the A30 at the beginning of the trip.

"The A30" wmv 4mb  this one plays in windows media player - a small 4mb low res featuring Paul, Al and Kev  testing out the bullet cam a couple of weeks before the run. To save it just right click, and <save target as...>


the DivX movies are encoded in DivX "home theatre" mode, with stereo soundtrack. from Bates Motel CD "caffatine", thanks to Paul from the Cornish band Bates Motel who was on the ride on his 750 Kawasaki. So buy it! (the CD, not the Kawasaki).

Video Recording was from a Dog Cam Sport bullet cam, the bullet cam is 480 lines res, probably a bit less since the toothpaste incident, but we wont go into that here....and mounted  on a Kawasaki GPZ400S (which did make the entire trip without missing a beat despite the sweepstake on it not making Saltash)

You need DivX player to view the DivX movies.  (its free) get it here   Many new DVD players also play DivX format.

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 Special thanks to Mike ("Don't follow me I'm Lost") Waters and Alan ("Muppet on wheels") Parker from Cornwall Bike Training,The Support Van Crew, and to Bobros Nobros - top notch fellas "Full jeep, go!"

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