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eg. packs previously priced at 9.99 plus vat (11.99 total) now 8.33 plus VAT (9.99 total)  = Price reduced by 2

Other reductions across the board for this season

Lower prices you'll see at final checkout reflects not just our new carrier arrangements, but changes to our board supplies and stocks, and simplifying the checkout.  Business has changed, many of our customers are small business or startups.

We may send your order by Parcelforce, Post or with UPS Next-Day service (mon-fri). We have changed some board colours in the budget range to buy others in bulk to pass on the savings which average about 15% to you. If you are a regular, this will be a welcome bonus, if you are new we hope it give's you a fighting chance and will be less daunting than working out the VAT, or the VAT coming as a surprise.

Although we have mainly always been a trade (business to business) supplier to our online customers, many more today than at any time are small businesses, start-ups or craftspeople, who are not VAT registered, not used to trade sites with VAT added later, and we hope this makes it easier to see an "all in" price when you are buying.  You still get a VAT Receipt/Sales invoice with your order. 

With UPS Next-Day as well as Parcelforce and Royal Mail our carrier costs can more accurately reflect what we have to charge for different sized orders, in particular we can now deliver orders over 2kg at a better rate and usually quicker.

For smaller (up to 2kg) orders expect them to arrive by Royal Mail 1st or 2nd as usual. Larger orders may be UPS or sometimes Parcelforce depending on your location.

Altogether it adds up to savings we can pass on, which is very welcome in 2018.  You shouldn't see very much change except the lower pricing at final checkout

These prices won't last for ever, so make the most of them!

If you have any queries, don't hesitate to phone or email.

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