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7" Vinyl Record Mounts and Frames

Two sizes and styles: Includes VAT plus P&P - Or  Mounts in packs of 3 or 6 for your own frames

DIY: Style 1 fits into standard frame size 12x10 inches (ready made) which can be bought in most photo shops, stores like Ikea etc. Style 2 fitted into custom made frame. Mount window is slightly smaller than the vinyl diameter so the disc sits behind the opening and you can affix it with suitable tape. (taping is not recommended for valuable items)

Usual turnaround mounts 1-3 days. With Frames allow 1 to 7 days.

Style 1. (Mount or in Frame)

Framed vinyl picture disc

 For 7" Vinyl singles to fit into any 12x10 standard photo frames. Mount has a cut-out for a title: you can print a message, title or caption and put behind this smaller window

Style2 for single with sleeve (framed only)

vinyl record with sleeve in frame


Style1: MOUNTS ONLY Packs of 3 or 6 with or without backing for 7" single


3  for 5.99

6 for 9.99

3 with backs for 9.99

6 with backs for 17.99

Mount Colours:

Choose from the most popular colours for display of vinyl records: Solid Black (with black core) or white-core boards in Black, White, Off White, Antique white textured, Red or Navy Blue. Backs if ordered will be colour matched to main mount, and same board spec

colour chart for vinyl record mounts

Style1: Framed Mount 25 (20.83 + Vat) for 7" disc

Framed vinyl picture disc

black and white frame styles for records

Black 30mm wide, White 30mm wide, Black 20x20mm square, white 20x20mm square



Style 2 Frame + Mount 30 (25 each plus VAT) for 7" + sleeve

vinyl record with sleeve in frame

(record can overlap frame, or vice-versa)

Custom made frames for you, there are two choices of popular frame styles, choose either wide or square in black or white. Price is for each complete unit.

Usual delivery is by First Class post or parcel.  Larger or combined orders may be by FedEx.  VAT and P&P calculated at checkout