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 We have been selling online for many years, and aim to give the best customer service a small business can. But sometimes things go wrong, and you have several options.

Before using this form please see our customer service page for help. It explains your legal rights to a refund or replacement

We are human, sometimes mistakes can happen, we will do our best to sort out any problems, often we can do this by phone. 01736 330887. The people you will speak to are (usually) Suzanne or Sharon, Mondays to Fridays 10am to 5pm. Phones are often very busy, if there is an engaged tone it does not mean you are being ignored.

Complaints: Please note that these ladies are human beings, and their job is to help customers, and if we have messed up your order it is not going to help anyone if you shout, swear or get abusive.  Your call will be terminated and your order cancelled with a full refund if this happens and if you are entitled to one. We are sorry to have to make this point, but they are both highly experienced in the framing and mounts business with over 20 years combined experience in the business, so they should be able to help with most enquiries.  If they offer to call you back there is a good usually reason for this, so please allow some time for them to find out the answers to your question or solution to the problem.

If you don't think we have been enough help, or you are not happy with your order please cut through the red tape and ask for a refund or replacement, but we do appreciate your comments, particularly if it helps us improve our service.

Your consumer rights under the law are here

We are VERIFIED PayPal business sellers, so you often have buyer protection in addition to your rights under UK trading standards laws. We are proud to be members of  where you can also see your consumer rights, and we try at all times to comply with the best practice of TrustedSellers and the direct selling regulations (trading standards) and the data protection act. Please see below for our Privacy Policy. So if you buy online using Paypal you may also have Paypal's buyer protection up to 500, if you buy by credit card you may also have additional or separate  credit card protection, as well as rights under UK trading laws, the Distance Selling Regulations, and our voluntary membership of the Trusted Sellers scheme.

Once you have read the info above, please click here for refund/replacement/complaint form

you will receive a copy of all information you enter on the form, and we will respond as promptly as we can.

There are other alternatives!

Having Serious Problems?

Paypal Disputes - takes you to paypal where you log in and resolve the dispute with us through PayPal

Once you have disputed a transaction through, please note that we can only respond to you through the paypal resolution process.


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