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Mix Packs Random Selection To Clear at just and 7.19 per pack including VAT  (5.99 ex vat)

25 Acid Free Creams and Whites mix  5.99 +VAT


Not available at the moment -  Please check back later


25 Acid-Free Mixed Colours  5.99+VAT  (7.19)



25 mounts, sizes: 10x8, 9x7,8x6,7x5,6x4 inches outside, to fit 8x6, 7x5, 6x4 and 5x3 inch pictures in creams and whites packs, or random colour packs which also include creams and whites. May not include all colours, genuine lucky dip random colour selection but we do try to evenly distribute the sizes so you should receive approx equal numbers of each size in each pack.  Colour packs are made up from the colours below and can include other colours not shown here. We make our clearance packs up when we have time from daily production, so colours will vary day to day

Delivery: Normally sent same working day if ordered before 2pm. Please note P&P flat rate 3.95 small orders up to 5, and 5.95 over based on total order value. Mount packs are very good value if ordered more than one at a time, or topping up orders for other items.