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Buy photo mounts in packs to suit standard size photographs. Its a great way of spreading the cost if you belong to a photographic group or club too.

We will also cut mounts to fit any digital print sizes.

Acid-Free photo-safe, or standard neutral ph (Eco-Neutral range) are all computer cut

Whatever level of photography you are at, mounting your photographs for display is a great way of presenting and preserving your work.

If you are re-selling, particularly via other peoples shops, you do need to wrap them. Clear cellophane on the roll is economical and very good looking. You simply wrap the mounted photo, and tape up the back with clear tape. Job done. If you need to see how to fix a picture into a mount, see our mounts FAQ. Here are the essentials!

  • Don't use sellotape or masking tape to attach your picture behind the window. Masking tape is only designed to be temporary tapes for other applications can quickly damage your picture and will not keep the pictures fixed for very long.
  • Fix the picture by its top edge only. Use a small amount of tape, This way it will fit and stay flat behind the window of the mount, You should not fix it all the way round because this will cause it to cockle up
  • If you are re-selling your pictures you will usually want to fit a backing to the mount, the usual method is with double sided tape.
  • Daylight and strong sunlight (in fact any light) will fade your mounts and photos! Keep this in mind when placing the price stickers etc if putting them in shop windows, and rotate the stock regularly

There are many methods of fixing photos into mounts. The important issue is not to use any fixings or tapes that you can't undo, or which will damage your work. There are various types of "hinge" methods, or clear photo corners which are available. In our FAQ section we have shown you the "real world" way that many photographers and artists use.

 We also stock self adhesive board, and can supply in any size

Individual mounts are also available made to your spec, with no minimum order here

Acid Free/Conservation/Standard? see MOUNT BOARD SPECIFICATIONS 

Generally we recommend acid free white core boards for photography mounts. Not only do these give great protection to photos, but the white core adds to the presentation, particularly if your photos are in an exhibition or shop browser alongside someone else's work. Standard boards have a slightly cream core.  Some people do prefer the "natural" cream core boards, but we always advise that they are not suitable for valuable pictures, or items which cannot be replaced, or for long term protection.




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