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Picture Mounts - all types and sizes, or custom made to measure usually 1-3 working days*


Any Size - Cut to Size  Packs of 10   Best Value packs   Backing Board
Min qty 5 with discounts to 33%

custom size picture mounts

White Core acid free  in 5s

Cream Core Budget in 10s

Qty price breaks

5+ 10%     10+ 20%

50+ 30%    100+ 33%

Also: Extra Thick   Museum spec

  cut-to-size info

  Neutral ph board   Best value - best unit prices per mount - acid free or neutral pH board  

backing, liners or self adhesive

  pack of 10 picture mounts

Handy size packs of ten mounts in budget board only. God value - neutral ph board with cream core


picture mounts in value packs

Picture Mounts and backing boards, both types of board, 5.99 to 9.99 per pack  - pack sizes vary - Best value acid free and neutral pH choice. Various size packs


Backing, liners and Self Adhesive boards in 10x packs

Clear Faced Bags/Sleeves

Also Clear Wrap on the roll


All the right tapes for your job!

* note: some boards and backing boards are "double-sided" (face paper both sides) and may be white one side and a pale colour on the other side- for example white/cream etc . (You still get the colour you ordered on the front)  All backing boards are white on one or both sides depending on the stock we are currently working through.


Bulk and trade picture mounts custom sizes - quantity discounts

If you are buying in larger quantity, please get in touch.  We supply mounts and cut to size mount board on both quick turnaround buy-as-required or booked-ahead delivery times.

We re-stock once or twice weekly to keep board stock topped up and current so all orders are cut from fresh boards from the same batch for best colour matching.

Testimonials and customer feedback     Delivery info

stack of mounts

You can choose the type of board for your mounts, acid free white core (conservation or acid free) or standard/budget neutral pH - see the mounts FAQ if you need any answers!  if what you need is not listed in standard mounts, you can order almost any size (up to 70cm) any colour or any design from our custom mounts pages, or design your own layout/arrangement.  Most mount orders - we aim to ship in 1-4 working days, most are done same or next working day,  but this can be 7-10 working days when we are very busy. Bulk orders or specially ordered custom colours can take a little longer. If your order is urgent or you have a deadline, please let us know, or ask before ordering, we can usually help.


We can also cut over-size boards up to 60 inches /1.5m for shop collection  

We cut any multi-window mounts to your requirements. We do need to know what you want, so  please see here  for useful info (opens in new window, page can be printed)

*subject to Ts&Cs, different terms apply to trade