All picture and photo mounts are cut when ordered from fresh boards. Prices now all include VAT for easy comparison.



custom size picture mounts

Min qty 5 with discounts

White Core acid free  in 5s

Qty price breaks

5+ 10%     10+ 20%

50+ 30%    100+ 33%

Please note our usual minimum quantity for custom cutting is 5 mounts

Trade picture mounts



Best value - best unit prices per mount - acid free board


Square Mounts

Square Mounts popular sizes, no minimum order click here


Backing Boards   

backing, liners, self adhesive

picture mount backing boards


picture mounts in value packs

Picture Mounts and backing boards, both types of board, 5.99 to 9.99 per pack  - pack sizes vary - Best unit prices in acid free and neutral pH choice. Various size packs

Only need a few?

 Packs of 3 or 5


Clear Faced Bags/Sleeves

Also Clear Wrap on the roll


Multi-Pack picture mounts best value

Buy in Multi Packs and SAVE even more!

Delivery info

Delivery cost:

Post, Parcelforce or UPS

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Oval Mounts, Name Mounts, standard board and other changes!

We recently changed our software and mount cutting equipment from Wizard to Esterly Speedmat, we currently can't offer oval/round mounts.  If you find stuff on the site that we can't do it's because it's a huge site, over 20 years old now and we're still working on taking some things out, apologies for any inconvenience.

We have now discontinued some special offer packs in smaller frame sizes due to new cutting equipment which has made them uneconomical - Bargain pack/ special offer ranges now start at 10x8" But as a plus point onn some sizes we may soften get more per sheet with the new machine, if we do we throw these in as a free bonus!

Size tolerances:  Please allow 1mm variation on outside and aperture - Normally we'll cut very slightly "under" to allow for this. Our new machine does extremely nice quality bevels, but mounts with narrow borders under 40mm (1.5 inches) have to be cut or trimmed one by one on another machine.

Note that mounts in offer packs are "to fit" the stated picture size so each window will be a few mm smaller (5 to 10mm depending on mount size) to give an overlap of 2 to 5mm all round your picture so that it does not just fall through the hole.

Name mounts are no longer available as the letter mount "fonts" (Photo2 etc) are only available through Wizard software licensing. Sorry! If you need a name mat we can put you onto a "man who can".

The budget cream core "standard" boards have all been discontinued - the same colours remain available in acid-free, white core photo safe board slightly thicker, better quality.


* note: some boards and backing boards are "double-sided" (face paper both sides) and may be white one side and a pale colour on the other side- for example white/off white etc . (You still get the colour you ordered on the front)  All backing boards are white on one or both sides depending on the stock we are currently working through.


I f you are buying in larger quantity, please get in touch.  We supply mounts and cut to size mount board on both quick turnaround buy-as-required or booked-ahead delivery times.

We re-stock weekly to keep board stock topped up and current so all orders are cut from fresh boards from the same batch for best colour matching.


*subject to Ts&Cs, different terms apply to trade