Decorative and ornate mounts

our mounts are cut "to fit" which gives an overlap up to 5mm/1/4" on each side so that your picture does not fall through the aperture

Mounts don't have to be square.....


shields, ovals, arches etc

rounded, rectangular, heart shaped...

More ornate designs available in singles or bulk - prices vary according to complexity and cutting time

we have 1000s of design templates ready to cut, 100s of "cut art" items which can be cut into the mount as cut-outs, v-grooving or mount decoration, and we are can also design a custom mount for you for a special occasion -and frame it for you! All our mounts are computer cut on a Wizard CMC - the world's leading mount cutter



white-  antique white/textured white-  textured blue- cream/textured cream- bottle green - black
examples of some of the most popular colours offered - we can also supply picture mounts any custom colour