About our computerised mount cutting

We use Wizard - the worlds leading mount cutting machines.  Don't accept lesser quality mounts!

image c. Wizard international

The machine:

We chose Wizard to cut your mounts because it is the worlds best mount cutting machine which also runs the best software which allows us to cut virtually any design mount, even on jumbo sized boards. It is by no means the fastest mount cutting machine in the world, but speed is not everything. The wizard will cut mounts with precision, computer controlled accuracy, relentlessly day after day, each mount as perfect as the first. Anybody using our mount cutter has either been trained on site by the UK distributors or attended the training course. Although Wizard machines are almost twice the investment of a budget computerised machine,, we think our customers are worth it - our customers say the results are outstanding.

The mountboard

We use Slater Harrison and Arquadia boards for quality and price. We have used Slater Harrison "the professional's choice" for almost fifteen years and it is a high quality British made product with reliable supply and a good range of colours and textures. Arquadia (formerly Arquati) is the board of choice for bespoke framers. Both boards are ideal for high quality bespoke framing, and the presentation of "framables" (ready to frame prints, pictures and photos). Boards come in various sizes, so we may mix brands of these to give you the best yield per board per price for your mount size.

The firm

We are a family run business and long standing members of the Fine Art Trade Guild, the representative body of the British art and framing industry who lay down the standards of technical quality and workmanship for framing and mountboards. We only use boards which conform to these specifications. Whenever possible we recommend fully acid free conservation quality boards for bespoke framing, or any items of value.  We have amongst our customers Royal Academy artists, local artists, museums, resellers and of course our valued local customers who come in our high street shop.

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white-  antique white/textured white-  textured blue- cream/textured cream- bottle green - black
examples of some of the most popular colours offered - we can also supply picture mounts any custom colour