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BACKING BOARDS and Self Adhesive boards available in any size in PACKS OF TEN


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BUDGET BACKING (left) = Neutral Ph mount board, (standard board) suitable for backing on smaller mounts or liner boards -  white one side, colour(s) other side may vary and be mixed, all boards are white one side.

STANDARD BACKING (centre)= Regular backing board (Art Bak, Corricor or similar brand) suitable as a quality mount backing or a  finished frame backing. Usually straight edge cut with a slight allowance (under) for ease of fit.  Brown. As used by the framing industry.

SELF ADHESIVE BOARD (Right) = The Photographers favourite! Peel-off its backing paper and smooth your picture or photo onto the self adhesive surface. Simple and effective instant DIY "dry mounting". If it is ordered the same size as your mounts, this also serves as the backing board when self-stuck to the back of the mount. White finished. Permanent fix




Notes on Adhesive Board ("Dry Mounting") used by the trade

Trade quality, as used by framers and the photographic trade. Don't confuse this with other self adhesive boards designed for other non- framing/photographic applications. We also use this in our framing workshops. Very easy to use-  no heat source, machinery or press required! The protective paper layer simply peels off revealing the high tack board surface beneath.  This also serves as the backing or liner and keeps the item completely flat.  It is to be regarded as a permanent adhesive, not repositionable, and so you should not use this for any item that cannot be replaced!