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Multi Aperture Picture Mounts

Choose from standard or acid free/conservation board  - Choose size to fit common size frames (these are standard off-the-shelf frame sizes where stated, including some Ikea sizes)


Tip: many of these mounts will work all ways round - eg rotate 90 degrees or 180 degrees in frame for portrait or landscape picture orientation.

Antique White, smooth white, Cream, Cream textured, Black

  12x10 inch | 16x12 40x30cm | 40 x 40 cm | 48x22 + Ikea | 20
Custom sizes/styles/special designs to your spec

We can make almost any custom layout for you, all mounts are computer-cut on a Wizard Computerized cutter

Its easy to order or to get a price.... Just go to the custom mounts page and enter the size of your frame, then how many windows. (enter any figure in the window size just to get a price, if it has more than one apertures, just enter the size of the first one).

Once you have ordered you can then send us the details of your layout.

Helpful terms for specifying your exact custom made layouts:

  • Portrait - where the longest side of a picture or window is the vertical axis.
  • Landscape -  where the longest side is the horizontal.
  • To fit or Exact - unless you tell us an exact window size, we will cut the window sizes "to-fit", this will be a 5 to 10mm smaller window than the picture size given, so that your picture does not fall through. If you need exact, please tell us!
  • Horizontal spacing - the distance between windows in the same row
  • Vertical spacing - the distance between windows in the same column
  • Outside spacing  - To make it easy instead of specifying a horizontal/vertical spacing, you just ask for all outsides are to be a certain distance from the outside edges of the mount.
  • Even top and sides gives a mount with a "weighted bottom border" Easier than giving all four measurements!
  • Centered  we automatically centre apertures or groups of apertures unless you specify otherwise.
  • Reveal (Applies to double-layer mounts only) The amount of the bottom mount showing under the top layer. Default is 5mm on each side. If you want a larger or smaller gap between, please let us know!

You can see that we usually won't need each and every single measurement down to the last detail. Just give us the measurements that are important to you, and we will make the layout around your requirements




We are very happy to "do the layout" if you give us an idea what you need! You can send us a picture or file after you order.


For custom layouts you can easily send us a picture (an "Additional Info" form is available on the page you return to automatically from checkout) you can include any requirements and attach an optional picture, pdf, or word document if required

Tips: Don't go too close to the edge of the mount with your windows - and try to space the windows with at least 20mm (3/4 inch) or more for best appearance and leave space for the tape that holds in your photos. (You can leave a lot of the layout to us if you want) 10mm is an absolute minimum space for windows, and this narrow gap is usually reserved for cigarette card arrays.

Remember to tell us which way up the pictures will go (see "portriat"/"landscape" below)  - This is why sending a picture is useful, or easier!

Do check that your windows width/height is the right way round in the mount! (to make it simpler the order form asks for all sizes width first, then height)

Most custom mount orders are done the same or next working day but please allow for delivery time. Working days are Monday to Friday and don't include public holidays etc. 

Click to see more mount-window shapes!


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