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Heritage Museum Board

 off white ivory with same colour core

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Unless you request exact aperture size. We cut "To Fit". This will give a slight overlap, usually up to 5mm each side, so that your picture does not fall through the window. So if in doubt, leave it set to "to fit"
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Timecare Off white ivory with self-coloured core. 1650 mic thickness.


full spec of Conservation By Design heritage museum mount board:

Timecare: Maximum protection. Designed for conservation, this 100% Cotton Museum Board has set the standard for the highest specification of Museum mounting since the early 1980’s and from that time has been the board of choice for major museums in Great Britain and Europe, and Timecare also has a Royal Warrant.

Cotton is almost 100% pure alpha cellulose and therefore requires less processing than wood sourced fibres. Specified by the founder of Conservation By Design it was the World’s first board to be laminated with EVA plasticiser-free adhesive which is more resistant to acid hydrolysis than other cheaper synthetic adhesives. This is important if you are looking for the maximum level of protection because if the adhesive breaks down and ‘off gases’ in the micro-environment of a frame or a box the object enclosed may be damaged. The board passes the PAT and Silver Tarnish tests and is therefore suitable for all media including photographs. This board combines the utmost purity with excellent cutting and erasion properties.

Used also by textile conservators for the mounting and storage of wool and silk.

Although timecare is available in thinner specification, we normally use the 1650 micron thicker board.


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