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Oval Mounts - Custom or standard sizes

Mounts are available in Standard board or choose acid free/conservation mount board.

Custom size mounts with oval windows

Most mount orders are done same/next working day


or if you want saver packs with oval windows, simply order any regular saver pack mounts then let us know you want oval windows instead of square!

Oval window mounts are available as single mounts- a square picture mount with an oval window, or arrays with any number of openings (multi aperture oval picture mounts), and you can also have title windows in these picture mounts, which can also be rectangular or oval, your choice. If you want a circular picture mount (a picture mount with a round aperture/circle cut out) this is the same-  just order an oval with the width and height the same, this will produce a round aperture in the picture or photo mount.

Mounts are available in Standard board or choose acid free/conservation mount board

Why use an oval picture mount? Many photographs have traditionally been framed in oval photo mounts. This can also be particularly effective on older photos, sepia pictures or old family photos. One advantage is that the oval mount window will hide any damaged corners!  Another advantage is that you can use a smaller frame size, hence a smaller picture mount without it appearing as though you have been "mean" with the width of the borders.  Oval mounts also focus the attention more naturally into the centre of the picture, so they are very useful for framing pictures of people, animals etc.

Oval mounts were very much the vogue for sepia tinted photography, and are often still the choice for school photographers because they focus the attention on the face and eyes of the subject, rather than the surroundings, and they remove a lot of the background "clutter" and the corners that draw the eye away from the subject. 

The human eye is not square, neither is the image the brain receives from your eyes, so an oval mount is a far more "natural" way of presenting some subjects.

If you are an artist or a photographer signing your work, if you use oval picture mounts you will of course have to remember to sign the picture in the appropriate place, rather than the "traditional" corner!

Normally you will have an oval mount in "portrait" aspect (upright), however they can be very effective the other way round ("Landscape") for buildings, small landscapes and seascape pictures.

Oval mounts can look great in a rectangular frame. You would normally order a slimmer "border" on the mounts than you would for a rectangular windowed mount to avoid swamping the image with a large expanse of blank board.  Examples shown above are a 10x8 mount to fit a 7x5 picture with a title window, and a 40x30cm (16x12 inch picture mount) to fit six 4x6 inch photos, but you can order picture mounts from moonshine in any size you need.

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