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Name Photo Frames - Frame any name!  Many frame styles to choose from


New easier ordering - any words, names, phrases  |   Multiple lines if required  |  Design your own name photo frame - symbols and extra photo windows no problem | Safe extra-clear styrene glazing | just enter the letters required and get a price online ..... add to shopping list and checkout with PayPal.....  We make and deliver your custom personalized Name Frame.....


Choose standard or large:   custom made so allow 6- 10 working days for delivery - or contact us if it's urgent - we always try to help!

Any name, any team etc, any wording to frame your photos -  letters or symbols. Choice of frame styles. Your photos, pictures, postcards fabric or colourful paper go behind the letters

  • Standard: 3 letters from 10. 17 |  4 letters from 11.96 |  5 letters from 16.96 | 6 letters from 20.34 | 7 letters from 23.73 | 8 letters from just 27.12  ( Prices are Plus VAT)   Multi Row - no problem! up to about 8 to max 12 letters per row.  Symbols (Hearts, Stars etc). Get a price online! 

  • LARGE: 3 letters from 13. 17 |  5 letters from 21.96 | 6 letters from 26.34 | 7 letters from 30.73 | 8 letters from just 27.12  ( Prices are Plus VAT)

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UNIQUE special fonts can only be cut on a Wizardand these are cut in the correct, official authorised Photo2 and Photo Balloon specially designed letter cuts -These make great gifts for family or friends! We have been making these for years  - probably the best selection and choice available in the UK

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Great Gift Idea!   If you want any symbols -hearts etc- you can also order these by phone and we can let you know if your particular symbol is available -  please allow 7-10 working days if ordering with frames!  Many great frame styles available -Beachcomber is a very wide moulding (60mm!) in lovely African Obeche wood, specially made for us - you wont find this frame style anywhere else. They are all hand finished - many other frame options also available including mounts only (no frames - scroll down)

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