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Picture mount fixing tapes

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Acid Free Ph Neutral Artists Tape  - 55m Rolls - special price  6.99 inc VAT < Photographers choice

AT25 Tape. We buy our tapes in bulk direct from the factory for best value to our customers.

Known in the USA as "Artists Tape" 25mm (1") wide, neutral ph paper and adhesive, 80 gsm acid-free paper.

Acid-Free. Ready to use.  Self adhesive rolls.Handy 55 metres on each roll. Many uses include fixing pictures or photos into mounts, frame seal, hinging artwork, lining frame rebates etc.   High Quality. Made in Britain -First Choice for many professional artists, photographers and graphic houses.

other customers say:   Products dispatched the same day as ordering and arrived the next day, both products are as described and fit the purpose for which required I would definitely use this use this company again

Excellent product! Used it to repair some minor tears in my Art work! Easy to use and kept the repairs invisible!!

This is serious tape for your art work. When you take it off, it does lift some of the paper with it but not a lot and it doesn't tear. Overall I am very pleased with it

5.83 a roll | twin pack 11.50 2 rolls

Acid Free pH7-70 tape - 66 metre rolls - special price 7.98 inc VAT  < Framers choice

PH7-70 Tape. Like our artists tape, but on longer 66 metre roll in a box. Uses include hinging artwork, fitting artwork into mounts, sealing frames, lining frame rebates etc. The tape is self adhesive, and once on it stays on. White, single sided acid-free (pH 7 neutral) self adhesive paper tape. Coated with an acid free, water based acrylic adhesive system, non-aging and will not turn yellow. Can also be used as a quality frame seal.

6.65 a roll - 12.50 2 rolls

On sale elsewhere at 12  or more per single roll!

PH7-70 comprises adhesive 70gsm acid free paper.  100% Guaranteed and Made in Britain. 25mm (1 inch) wide. First choice of many professional framers


other customers say: People have told me this is the best tape to get, I have not tried any other so I wouldn't know, one thing for sure it has got great tack and it is 100/% acid free, for all those special photographs...,

I used this to mount several pictures on card mounts and back, it is just a good tape to work with and does the job really well

Double Sided Tape Runners with tape (applicators)

Note these genuine Stik2 Blue (permanent adhesive) are direct from the factory - no retail blister packs or wasteful retail packaging. We sell them direct to you.

Stix2 from 2.10 each (in packs of 5)

Best on smaller size photo mounts (eg. sizes up to 12x10") - (for larger mounts use the double sided professional finger lift/tear off tape here)

Each contains 12 metres of double sided tape approx 6mm wide in easy cartridge/pen dispenser.  For Mounting Photos or attaching mount-backs.  Dispenses strips of double sided tape, approx 8mm wide, in any length. If attaching backs using  a few (say 4 to 6  50mm / 2inch) strips, one Tape Runner will fix approx 30 to 50 small mount backs in place.  Repositionable until firm pressure applied.  2.49 each (2.99 inc VAT) or save by buying in packs (eg. 2.25 each for 2 or  2.10 each for 5)


Ideal for attaching mount backs, photo mounting etc.

Double Sided Tape - Finger-lift/tear-off  -  Ease of use + professional quality + big roll

Double sided on professional size rolls from 3 each - or singles from 3.99 each plus VAT

Fingerlift Double sided tape. Excellent performance tape on a big 50 metre roll. Suitable for large or small mounts.  12mm (approx 1/2 inch) wide. Easy to use, simply apply tape, tear off to length, peel of the paper and stick your items together.  Same as we use in our own workshops. Will even stick metal to metal (must be clean and smooth surfaces). Also used in industry and sign-factories, this is the heaviest duty double sided adhesive tape we have ever use, but still very easy to work with.

How Many

Ideal for attaching mount backs, photo mounting etc. Economical in use, 50 metre rolls.


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Which Mount fixing tape to use?

Self adhesive tapes should be rubbed (burnished) firmly so the adhesive "takes" and becomes permanent. Otherwise they will fall off. Full instructions are always included with your mount or mounts, on our hints and tips sheet.

First thing we have to say is: we wouldn't sell it if we wouldn't use it!  There are various tapes on offer, all with different properties. This will help you chose the one for your needs:

AT25 Artists Tape Good quality general purpose acid free single sided permanent mounting and frame sealing tape on 50 metre rolls. 80gsm thick paper with acid free adhesive. (not boxed - standard roll 50 metres)

PH7-70   High specification acid free single sided permanent tape with many uses including fixing pictures into mounts and frame sealing. Longer 72 yard/66 metre rolls. Another good item which we wouldn't sell if we didn't use it ourselves. (longer roll at 66 metres - each roll is boxed)

Benefits of AT25 and pH7-70: Both are Acid-Free/Neutral PH, high initial grab, useful general purpose good quality mount and frame tape, good value.  The first choice of many professional framers.  (We sell a lot of this to picture framers!)

3M Cream Tape. Pressure sensitive. For some reason the makers, 3M  do refer to this as "masking", but this one has a far higher tack than any high street masking tape. Although it is a cream colour, don't confuse don't use it like an ordinary masking tape if you have any left over, its a lot stickier!  This is ideal for the typical artwork or photos you will be using standard (neutral ph) mounts for. It is not "archival" or "conservation" quality, but perfectly suitable for day to day use. Should never be used on valuable or non-replaceable items.  We use this in our own workshops on all "bulk" or non valuable paper or photographic items. Does not lose its tack and fall off like masking tape or inferior tapes*. A favourite with artists and photographers who re-sell.  Benefits:  Economy, stays put -  but not "archival". We have included the cream tape in answer to several customer enquiries about fixing pictures into their mounts cheaply.

Tape Runners - For photo mounting or fixing backs onto smaller mounts. Acid free, dispense strips of permanent double sided adhesive in any length you want . For mounting photos onto card as well as fitting mount backs. tape is approx 8mm wide. Repositionable until firm pressure applied, when it becomes permanent. Not recommended for fixing the backs to large mounts but very good for all sizes up to around 12x10.  12 metres per dispenser. Finger-lift double-sided tape (below) is more economical if you have more than a few to do.

Fingerlift double sided - Professional grade high-tack permanent acid free adhesive system. Easy to use, tear off the length you want, stick to one surface, peel the backing tape off when you are ready to stick your two card surfaces together. They claim it works on most smooth surfaces -eg wood, card, paper even metal. So you can use this on any size mount, large or small, as well as for photo mounting.  We use this in our own workshops as well. No dispenser gun required. 50 metre rolls are very economical.  Very strong, will even stick clean sheet metal.

NOTE! If you are buying acid free, conservation or black core mounts  (any mounts except standard budget board) We do supply an appropriate amount of P90 archival tape free of charge when you order acid-free/conservation or archive type mounts.  This is because we have no minimum order, and if you are only having a couple of mounts we would rather give you what you need, than sell you 49.9 metres of something you don't.

* when first starting out selling pictures or photos, many artists and photographers try (quite rightly) to reduce costs, thats good business sense. But as framers we see improperly mounted art and photos on a daily basis.  We routinely fix badly mounted artwork held in with masking tape (sometimes sellotape, or even duct tape!).  Masking tape really will come off quite quickly, it's Russian Roulette, a matter of days/weeks/months. Masking tape is specially designed NOT to stay permanently stuck. Some is even branded "7 days", and then sooner or later the artwork will drop in the mount, and the customer has to bring it to a framer for fixing.  If you are only using a couple of small tape hinges this tiny economy is irrelevant compared to your reputation and future sales to that customer.

If using adhesive tapes, have a look at our mounts FAQ section, for tips and hints on fitting.