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Mount Pricer and Viewer


Simple Mount Pricer

In CM (centimetres) with option to view any of your pictures in single or double mounts, try before you buy!


In Inches, CM (centimetres) or mm (millimetres) - just state sizes and pick a colour!


Use pricer with image viewer



use quick and simple version

We have provided some sample images - or you can upload your own. Try some sample border sizes, or specify exactly the borders you want. Click on the video to see how it works.

You can set a frame size required, and you can get a price for mounts by entering a picture size. It starts by guessing a picture size until you enter a real size (until you enter a size the pricing feature is not used) and the programme will show you how it looks, and show you all the calculated sizes - you can make any adjustments along the way as required.

You can use these features to visualise the finished item, no need to enter sizes unless you want to order, then the price is calculated for you immediately.

This version lets you try various combinations of single/double mounts on your own picture, get a price, with discounts calculated, then order quickly.

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  Quick and simple! enter the size of your image or  size of window required, and outside size (or frame size), select colour(s) and click to buy!  Discounts are calculated for you. Get a price instantly in Inches, centimetres, or millimetres.  Click on the video to see our "one minute mount ordering!"

Customer Comments

It was easy to understand exactly how I was meant to get the correct size mount. I was very happy with your service

The whole transaction was very smooth and painless and has also ended up with an excellent result...

I was very impressed with the ease of ordering this mount from you website and the quality of the order when it arrived

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