Moonshine Picture Mounts Price calculators online help (or see video help)

Mount Pricer and Viewer


Simple Mount Pricer

In CM (centimetres) with option to view any of your pictures in single or double mounts, try before you buy!


In Inches, CM (centimetres) or mm (millimetres) - just state sizes and pick a colour!

Use pricer with image viewer


use quick and simple version

How to use it!  Remember that The Mount Pricer with viewer dynamically works out the border size and frame size for you so altering the frame size will change the border size, and vice versa!

You can choose "to fit" a picture size, or the exact window you need - note that the "to-fit" option will change the window size (slightly smaller so your pictures remains behind the window instead of falling through)

You can use these features to visualise the finished item, no need to enter sizes unless you want to order, then the price is calculated for you immediately.

Important! When you click the "order this mount" button you will go to a confirmation page, please check all the details shown here , particularly the size of the window and frame size. You can go back to make any alterations before clicking "add to cart".

How it works:  It starts by estimating a picture size until you enter a real size (until you enter a size the pricing feature is not used) and the programme will show you how it looks, and show you all the calculated sizes - you can make any adjustments along the way as required.

We have even provided some sample images - or you can upload your own (optional)

Hit the Start Over button any time to reset the programme, you can also go back or forward to any previous settings by using your browser's back/next buttons.

Try some sample border sizes, or specify exactly the borders you want.

You can set a frame size required, and you can get a price for mounts by entering a picture size.

This version lets you try various combinations of single/double mounts on your own picture, get a price, with discounts calculated, then order quickly

  How to use it! Quick and simple!  Just enter the size of your image or  size of window required, and outside size (or frame size), select colour(s) and click to buy!  Discounts are calculated for you. Get a price instantly in Inches, centimetres, or millimetres.

When you have selected your size, colour and window size, you can change any details, add backing boards, or change the board type between standard and conservation board to get the custom mount you want, at a price to suit.

Whichever one you use the following info applies:

Discounts: Both the mount Pricer and Pricer/viewer calculate  discounts for you based on number of identical mounts ordered, from just two mounts to 100s

Special requirements - eg multiple windows, different size windows, oval or circle windows, simply use the "additional information button".  For convenience you are also returned to a page where you can supply any additional information after checkout is completed.

We receive immediate notification of your order, and issue an automatic confirmation by email. This also contains a further link where you can supply any information in case you missed something!

If there are any problems or obvious mistakes we will contact you.   Your order is then printed and sent to our workshop where it goes onto the cutting list.  It is then made, packed and shipped, and delivered to you.

If you know exactly what you want, the quick and simple version enables you to complete a mounts order in under a minute (see videos)

Any problems, or if you'd rather order by phone just  contact us!


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