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Includes picture frame styles as supplied for shows on ITV, UK Living, Sky, and Independent production companies

Plain wood ranges - Click to see:   Obeche | Pine | Ash | Oak | Beech

Ash, Oak and Beech are all high quality frame mouldings, great when clear polished, stained or limed.  Pine is available and is great with wax polish, coloured stain, wood dyes etc.

OBECHE  OBECHE: highly recommended for paint, lime, stain or polish -  or leave plain (natural)

Obeche and Tulipwood frames take paint or stain very well indeed, and we use these as first choice all our own custom paint finished frames. Many of our shop counter customers asked for plain "to paint" frames, and so we have a range of the most popular here which you can buy online.    As supplied to TV "makeover" shows.  We make the frames, you supply the colour and you also save s.  Just order "Plain" options where available. All the following styles are available plain, or with various finishes.


Also available in painted colour finishes and polished wood finishes - see here!
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 PINE: Highly recommended for staining/liming/polish (not paint)



Also available ready finished, stained, wax polished, and antique/vintage pine styles - see here!

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Photo/details of pine in various finishes

Pine can contain knots.  Forested in Sweden or Russia, the amount of knots in the wood can vary from knot-free to a knot every 20-25cm or so. It is suitable for staining or waxing, and can be painted, but you will need to use "stopper" or primer on any knots so they don't show through. (These profiles are also available in obeche, which is highly recommended for easy painting)


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ASH: Highly recommended for staining/liming/polish and dark paint/stain  (eg for "black ash")





Ash Frames   info / get a price


American Ash. Forested in North America. Grain can vary from tightly-packed to very open, it is a hard, durable timber, very suitable for lining or waxing and some paints. Note that white paint on ash may "yellow" slightly. So we do not recommend Ash for painting white.

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OAK: Highly recommended for staining/liming/polish   


Also available with a choice of frame finishes in wax polishes, limed etc


Oak  (and Beech)  Frames - info / Get a Price


American Oak.  Lighter in colour than English Oak. American Oak is a high quality "furniture" grade oak. Very suitable for liming and wax polishing.

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BEECH : Highly recommended for clear polish or left plain.

Beech is a hard, good quality timber, with a smooth appearance. Beech trees are mainly forested in Eastern Europe. It looks great plain, or with a clear or neutral wax polish.


Beech (and Oak) Frames - info / Get a Price




Plain wood ranges - Click to see:   Obeche | Pine | Ash | Oak | Beech or Back to Top


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