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Bevel Cut Outsides can look nasty - some "suppliers" simply can't be bothered changing from bevel to proper straight cut edges on each job, many haven't even got a machine that will cut proper outside edges and they are often using cheap "custom framer" machines designed for framing shops, not for supplying the public or professionals. All our mounts also have proper 45-degree bevel cut windows too, not 40 degrees.


Bevel cut outsides are meant for professional picture framers who put the mounts straight into frames right away, where the newly cut mounts are handled only once, and the edges are hidden away in a frame rebate, and safe behind the glass. But they are far from ideal for presenting pictures in unframed.  They can quickly look tatty and dog-eared, and worst of all with modern mount-boards and sharp computer cut bevels they can cause nasty cuts to you or your customers. On thick boards the edge can be like a knife. Mount suppliers who offer you custom mounts with bevelled outsides may not warn you about this, or even mention that the outsides are not square cut (straight edged).


If comparing us with other suppliers - ASK if you get proper straight cut outsides on your picture mounts and Backing!

We have always used Wizard mount cutting machines for their quality, performance and reliability. Our latest has Wizard's unique "switchblade" system so the operator can quickly change from bevel cut to straight outside cut.  Your mounts are cut in two operations (bevels and then the outsides) without being removed from the machine, so the dimensions should be flawless and each mount in a batch identical.


Arquadia and Colourmount board used exclusively. These are both high quality boards for best presentation.

 We also make embossed or v-grooved picture mounts - one off or quantity


V-Groove decoration  &  Embossed line decoration on these picture mounts - lettering, text or logo/cut art also available

We can offer shop customers a full embossed picture mount service (debossing), fine, medium or wide embossing, including lettering, text and cut art (logos from our libraries, exclusive to Wizard Mount Cutting machines). 

V-Grooves are grooves cut into the board, in the shape of a "V".  Cost varies with complexity, but a plain embossed or v grooved line around a mount window costs far less than a double mount, and can

Also available V-Grooves, groove patterns etc.

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