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Cream Core and White core mounts up to 70x50cm

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Unless you request exact aperture size mounts are all cut "To Fit". This will give a slight overlap, usually up to 5mm each side, so that your picture does not fall through the window. So if in doubt, leave it set to "to fit"
 Quantity  (no minimum order - discounts calculated and increase with quantity)
 How many windows? For multi aperture mounts, just enter a number for how many windows you want in your mount - order form lets you send details of layout if you order.
 Single Mount Double Mount Double mount  second (inner) colour selection available on clicking double mount option.
 Mount Colour
Inner Mount Colour
  <  TIP!   you can choose a different inner colour or same as main
  Check box if Backing boards are required
    Conservation/Acid Free Conservation/acid-free is White core



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