Empty Scrabble Tile Frames and Pebble art box frames for your craft or business

Moonshine Phoenix Range of frames for DIY  scrabble tiles, flat pebble art, beach art etc.

Complete with wood glazing spacers, board to mount your art onto, backing board, hanger.

Outside dimensions Frame width approx 20mm, Frame depth approx 22mm. Moulding is from the high quality "Phoenix" range, all wood

Available in standard sizes 20x20cm, 25x25cm or custom sizes in Black or White.

20cm frame will take approx 10 scrabble letters in each direction, 25cm frame will take approx 12 letters in each direction (up or down)

Mounts and other extras (if required) are also available.

20cm frames from 7.99 each   25cm frames from 8.99 each

No minimum order. Plus P&P. Over 150 free delivery

Trade discount quantities please ask or call us.

Ideal for scrabble tiles, flat pebble art, shell art, lollipop stick art and many other art materials and crafting objects up to 12mm thick .

Extras available:  Mounts. Two styles:  1 (order at same time)

Front Mount = sits behind the glass but above your art (above the spacer) approx 20mm wide borders (reduces the size you have to show the work/tiles/objects in, but very handy for beach art as they hide and sand or bits that come off)

Picture Mount = cut to take a 7x5 or 6x4 photo (or custom size in packs of five) with space above or below, or both sides for letter tiles or art.

Delivery and turnaround: We make these up as orders are received, not off the shelf, we restock Phoenix moulding weekly, so turnaround can be anything between one and 10 working days (same as all our custom framing.

  Scrabble tile frame for DIY/Crafts

Example when used with a printed map background and a few scrabble tiles.  Size of example frames shown approx 20cm/8inches square.


Print any image on an ordinary A4 sheet for the 20x20 size (see picture) for the back of your box frame.

A front mount will hide the edges of the box frame inside, leaving a smaller area showing. Very useful to catch and hide any bits of sand (etc) if you are framing beach/shell/pebble art.

Self adhesive backing board is very handy if you are printing an image to act as a backing for your art. we always supply a small test/practice piece.

Plain wood spacers can be painted to match the frame or any colour you want.


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