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I've never had anything framed before...   Don't worry! It's quite easy. You bring in your picture, or photo, and let us know if you have anything in mind for it. If you don't we have lots of frame styles and mount colours you can actually try against your picture until you find the perfect combination.  If there is a price you want to keep to, let us know, and we'll make sure we show you the right ones.  If it seems old, or valuable, or special, we'll advise on any special framing (if any) needed. We won't push you into something you don't like.  Our staff are here to help customers, they are NOT in  the "sales" business!

How long will my frame take?  Normally you can collect around 1 week to 10 working days, but we can often do it sooner, same/next day in some cases. Let us know if it's urgent and we will do what we can to help!

Do you make mirrors?   YES!

I've broken the glass, can you re-glaze my picture frame?   Yes, as long as the frame is in one piece we can sort that out for you.

Can you repair my frame?   We'll have a look at it for you, there is no charge. If we can fix it we'll let you know there and then.

What are "conservation" materials?   Basically this means materials that do the least damage/help preserve/or are the most harmless to your artwork/photos etc.  All our shop counter mounts, for example, are "conservation/acid-free" which should help protect your artwork better.



  I'm visiting Cornwall, can I bring my pictures to you for framing?  You are very welcome. A lot of visitors bring us their pictures to frame, and take them back with them. Or we can ship them to you by FedEx (we have a busy web site business, and a FedEx collection every weekday).

I have a frame from somewhere else, can you make one to match it?   Probably!  We have 1000s of frame moulding styles available, including 100s in stock. Have a look here at the most popular ones, you may spot it right away! If not, we can probably special-order it for you.

Do you make good frames?  We think so.  There's a lot more to framing than knocking a few sticks of wood together. Between them our staff have more years of experience in woodworking and frame making than most frame shops, big or small.

Why should I use Moonshine?   We've been in the business since 1994, and have seen many "competitors" set themselves up and then vanish. We are still around because we make good frames, at good prices.  We don't undercut or base our prices on what others appear to charge.  Is that price really cheaper, or is it just a new-set-up, inexperienced "busy fool" practising on your property?  We often have to fix "cheap" framing.

I'm "trade", I'm going to want a lot of frames in the future, I'm talking hundreds, if not thousands of frames here, how much for just a couple?  Our discounts are clear, if you want two frames it's 10% off,  buy ten or more we'll look at 25% off. When you are ready to actually order the promised hundreds, we'll give you a price.


Any other questions?   Just Contact Us!


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