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Custom frames with glass  including fitting your picture

Further Discounts available

Example Sizes  Price (low)   Price (upper) Frames only - custom made, you fit your own picture - 25% Off most ranges A-K*

Quantity  for 2 or more custom frames,10% off - up to 25% off for larger quantities

30x40cm (16x12 inches) 22.80 to 86.40
50x40cm (20x16 inches) 28.20 to 103.00
60x50cm (20x24 inches) 34.32 to 120.00

Off the Shelf standard sizes (example prices)

6x4 from 2.99

We always have changing styles of ready-made frames to fit most standard sizes between 6x4 inches and 16x12 inches, often bigger. These are a lot cheaper than custom made to measure frames!

This is just a guide to typical average  framing prices, to give you an idea of the price choices we can give you -  and the sky is the limit once you start adding extra features like special glass, ornate mounts, etc! The sizes given are just examples.
7x5 from 3.50
8x6 from 3.99
16x12 (40x30 cm) From 9.99

How we give you a price at the shop counter

* Price Ranges: To make it simple, all our frame choices have been sorted into price bands from A to N.   (A is the lower price, N the higher price). Not 100s of differing prices for different styles!

We use special software written for Framers, to work out the frame price. No guessing, haggling (sorry!) or back-of-fag-packet estimates. You get a proper price with no shocks later, plus clear discounts.

  If you ask us for a price at the shop counter we'll always give you a "from" (starting at) price.  We have a good choice in out "A" price ranges.  Adding a mount, or special glass like non reflective or True-Vue will change the price, and we itemise everything so you can see exactly how the price is worked out.

uncollected orders policy


What can cost extra?  Mostly things that add value to the picture! Special glass like Non-reflective or reflection control glass, Styrene safety glazing are a little more. For valuable, treasured or special items we also stock glass with enhanced UV protection. We'll advise you of the cost and let you know, giving you an informed choice before you order!  Needlework/fabrics/tapestry may need stretching/lacing. Dry-Mounting, heat sealing etc are additional jobs. Fitting cigarette cards (etc), other special work, repairs, security fittings, special hangings etc!

How can I save money? We all like the sound of that one!   Self-Fit. We offer you the alternative of custom made frames into which you can fit your own picture (just like an off-the-shelf frame but made to measure). These are 25% off list price in most of the frames from ranges A to K.  We make the frames for you, we don't fit the pictures in.  Paintable frames. We have a good choice of Obeche-wood frames which can be painted. This can save you quite a bit, and you can match them to your own decor. As a bonus, we can make your frames, you take them away to paint, bring them back and then we can cut the glass, other frame internals, and we will professionally fit your pictures into them and seal them up. Discounts available for 2 or more frames from 10% upwards depending on how many you bring in!