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info:  Display frames and case frames

order standard size 70x50 online and more info on sports shirt frames: click here

High Quality real wood Veneers Black Satin


centre pic shows general layout of the frame, as cut through a cross section.

Full information on fitting your sports shirts into these frames click here

Just let us know if you need any special windows on your optional mount

available in three standard sizes or custom sizes

We also include full instructions with each shirt frame. Here's the basics in 4 easy steps. Should take you 5 to 10 minutes at most - Designed for the easiest DIY fitting of your football rugby or other sports shirts, running vests, etc! 


1. fold shirt around the special backing board 2. Pin into the edges of the board 3. Pin the collar if required 4. Insert into back of frame
CaseFrames system: copyright moonshine Framing

1.  Fitted with high quality safeStyrene acrylic glazing. You can  choose from standard (domestic use) or heavier duty (commercial use, pubs, etc).

2. Spacing system. deep bevel, in natural timber or a choice of colours (match your team colours!) Your choice

3. Rigid flat foam-core or white Correx inner. You can stitch or pin fabric, shirts etc onto this quite easily. Zip ties and many other types of fastener can be pushed through to safely hold your other items.

4. Backing board is held safely in place with spring clips or fasteners. The shirt remains easily removable.

Each order comes complete with all the hanging fittings, and even cord or wire (your choice), and easy to follow instructions and tips on how to fit various items.

The complete display frame comes to you  assembled with any optional extras also fitted. You only have to remove the back and fit your item(s) to it, then replace the back, and hang it on the wall. Job Done


tip in our smaller display case frames the spacer actually holds the shirt in place, no pins needed. the "spare" parts of the shirt fold around the special foamcore inner backing boards and are held securely by the backing of the case frame. No special skills or tools needed!

Sportsframes If you just want to order the basic sports shirt frame now, it is a simple matter to order any of the available extras you might want from us later, such as mounts with title windows etc. Or of course, any decent  framer worth his salt can also supply you with custom cut  mounts should you want to change the colour scheme, or swap items about. You can even remove the spacer and re-paint it in any team colours of your choice, or we can supply pre-coloured or plain wood. order page here

We have made it easy for you to open up the frame and change the items as you need to, and the right kind of hangings and fittings are supplied appropriate to the weight of the frame. As the frames are designed to hang either way, you need to  fit these yourself, they simply screw in.

fittings1.jpg (5374 bytes)


Secure spring clips make it simple to remove the back of the case, then you can fit your own item into it as shown below.

clip1.jpg (4980 bytes) clip2.jpg (5496 bytes)

No special tools or skills required.

Medal Cases and smaller display frames Medal cases are made so that the contents can be removed whenever you need to, for periodic cleaning and also wearing with pride when duty calls. We can also supply these with stand-up backs or to both stand or hang.  This is a useful feature if you are framing collectibles. 

A  feature of the small cases is that they can be hung on the wall, or can stand.

We have a range of standard designs  from single medal, 2 medal, 3 medal etc as well as framecase systems for standard sized frame fronts. We make them to order for you, in both standard and custom sizes so we can incorporate your choice of size, colours, frame, mount etc.

Specification and design may change - we always improve both our service and our products and we do appreciate customer  feedback and idea.  We aim to provide the same level of service and quality to our online customers as we do for our shop customers, although obviously our ranges online are more limited.

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