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Trade and bulk discount price picture mounts

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Options and prices for custom sizes - basically the more you order the cheaper they get.

But there are several options and choices you can look at to get the best price for what you need.


All mounts square cut outsides = best quality for reselling. Cut on Wizard CMC. Over 40 delivery by FedEx (highlands/islands are alternative carrier) (see delivery info

Small orders (no minimum order value, just 5x mounts) Mounts in custom sizes.

1. you can order from our custom price calculators which give discounts from 2.5% for just two mounts, up to 30% for 100 plus custom mounts.  Quick, easy and reliable. Usually done same/next working day. These discounts are based on the quantity of each different mount ordered.

2. Small orders - Mounts in Standard sizes (no minimum order value, only 5x mounts fo discounts automatically applied)

3. We have a comprehensive selection of popular standard size picture mounts which you can buy one-off, or make savings in packs of ten

Medium size orders  Available to all web site and shop customers

The Best Seller colours

1. Best price packages -  you can order our special deal packs at fixed prices in standard size mounts here in pack quantities depending on the size of the mounts - eg qty 36 6x4" mounts from 7.99 plus VAT. 

2. Mounts in standard sizes as ten-packs.

3. 10% discount on 10 custom size mounts in our online price calculator

Click and buy online, usually done same/next working day.

Find > Special Offer Packs here | Custom sizes here

Large to Bulk size orders Standard Size mounts (usually 100 plus mounts)

1. For the very best prices based on quantity and board used look at the Super-saver trade packs. eg qty 360 6x4 mounts 69.00 plus VAT. Huge range of colours Allow 7-10 days. Bulk trade packs are our best price. Below in the examples you can see the number of mounts in each bulk trade pack

example quantity/price Bulk Trade Packs in Standard Board (cream core neutral ph)

6x4      360 for 69.00   (19.2 p each)

7x5      250 for 69.00  (27.6p each)

8x6      200 for 69.00 (34.5p each)

9x7      150 for 69.00 (46p each)

10x8    120 for 69.00 (57.5p each)

12x10   90 for 69.00 (76p each)

16x12 or 40x30cm 50 for 69.00 (1.38 each) 

example quantity/price Bulk Trade Packs in acid free/white core/conservation

6x4      360 for 89.00   (24p each)

7x5      250 for 89.00  (35.6p each)

8x6      200 for 89.00 (44.5p each)

9x7      150 for 89.00 (59p each)

10x8    120 for 89.00 (74p each)

12x10   90 for 89.00 (98p each)

16x12 or 40x30cm 50 for 89.00 (1.78 each) 


Matching packs (matching quantity) of backing boards are available at 55.00 per pack neutral ph white or 65.00 conservation white.

Trade T&Cs apply - all prices are ex-VAT.

2. Custom mount price calculators will give you 20% for 100 plus mounts of any given size.

3. over 150 is UK mainland carriage free

Find > Bulk Trade Packs here (Mounts-UK our trade mounts site)


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Trade Terms

We pride ourselves on good service and reliability, and you will find us very helpful.  If you are ordering trade, you know what you are buying, so there isn't any sales waffle. Just the information you need. How many, How much, and when.  If you have any queries or are not sure about something, ask us before ordering.

Online payment, safe secure, we never see your card details

(or phone 01736 330887)
Moonshine Framing: Business address 1 High Street, Penzance, Cornwall, UK. TR18 2SX  Tel 01736 330887  VAT No. GB 717523733


Normal UK  law for business-to-business applies. 

Colours may vary according to your monitor/computer settings,

We cannot guarantee availability of all colours at all times from the factory or suppliers, batch shades may differ slightly. 

Please allow up to 7 days for board deliveries before we can cut your order. Larger orders take can longer to cut and pack than small orders

Terms are Trade. Custom made items to your specifications so returns/refunds/replacements can only be accepted if faulty/damaged. Prices are ex-VAT.

Specifications (eg. neutral ph, conservation, acid-free etc) are those used by the board manufacturers.  

Quantities in bulk packs may vary very slightly (for example we may lose one or two calibrating the machine for your order, or break a cutting blade etc during cutting, it is inevitable that over a day's work something may happen that we don't expect) in which case we only charge you for exactly what we send, or credit your next order (your choice).

Note that trade sales of bulk packs are not covered by consumer law, as you are buying as "trade" not as a consumer - so please make sure you check carefully when ordering, particularly aperture sizes (to fit or exact).




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Still can't see quite what you need?

We all get days where we feel like this chap. If you can't see what you want on our site, just ask!

 Best thing is to call us or email from our contact page and we'll be pleased to help!

Please note sometimes our phone and shop counter can be very busy - so please leave your number if you get our answering machine and someone WILL call you back!


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