Vinyl lettering

Basic vinyl lettering service, pre-spaced letters and words on 1 metre carrier strips for easy  D.I.Y. application.

FAQ. No we are not a sign makers, this is just a basic service! People keep asking us for vinyl letters because they know we have "a machine" for in-house use, so we can offer a basics-only service, we do not make signs. We supply vinyl letters for you to apply yourself. We give you a form, you tell us what you want and we'll make it for you. Allow a few days, quicker if we are not busy Or download and print out a form from here and bring it in!

This is a small part of our main business. We do not do logos or artwork, or measure up for you, we simply make functional lettering in useful sizes for people who need no-nonsense vinyl lettering for their van, car, shop, house, business etc. There are 100s of YouTube videos on how to apply these so we do not offer a fitting service. The lettering is intended for DIY application in a limited range of popular colours, and at the present for shop counter customers only. 

Uses: Indoor and outdoor signs, vehicle livery, gallery exhibitions, home decor, shop or van windows inside or out, signs, notices, directions etc.  Letters can be reversed/mirrored for applying inside glass. Various fonts and styles.

For a guide to what the letter sizes look like, just see our shop front! The "Moonshine Framing" in burgundy is 150mm high, as is the yellow text in the lower front windows. The other letters are 75mm. The main lettering was applied in approx 2002. This is the same vinyl we supply as pre-cut letters, so you can see it has a decent lifetime!

View fonts/letter styles (pdf)

Prices per letter Letter height first set extra sets   Discounts for extra sets of letters ordered at same time or saved cut files if you order again later

we only take initial orders for vinyl lettering at the shop counter, not online. We can post your order or repeat order for our regular 5.95 P&P rate.


Colours (most popular) Black, White Red, Charcoal, Yellow, Orange, Burgundy, Green

40mm 30p 20p
50mm 40p 30p
75mm 50p 40p
100mm 60p 50p
125mm 75p 60p
150mm 1.05 75p
Min order 5
Prices are all ex VAT